Implementation services

Project management
Effective project management is essential in every field. That’s because, from winning bids and tenders, to delivering change and answering to stakeholders, it’s an entirely disciplined process designed to cover risk and doubt with logic, confidence and certainty. It’s also SIG’s stock in trade and, assuming that your project is fundamentally viable, will enable you to deliver to time, brief and budget – regardless of size, scope or challenge.

Management coaching
Although you can’t beat learning on the job, most people are too busy ‘doing’ to be able to really stand back and identify a better, more efficient way of operating. And although good training firms abound, it can be hard to find credibility and relevance in their often as not ‘one size fits all’ programmes. As they say, though, those that can, do – and SIG are business experts whose leaders have “been there, seen and done it” – and are now free to fast-track your managers to excellence using lessons from their hard-won experience.

Systems and technology
Properly harnessed, information technology can transform how your operation performs, support organisational change and substantially reduce your cost base. Bespoke or off-the-shelf, the SIG team have considerable experience of devising and specifying efficient business management and reporting systems, and sourcing the most appropriate suppliers.

Financial management
To secure sustainability and long term success, strong financial management is essential. SIG’s professionally qualified financial experts can advise and / or work alongside your in-house staff to shape your financial strategy and systems and, if needed, direct and manage your organisation’s financial operations as a fully insured outsourced service.

When vested interests abound, it can take the neutral objectivity of an independent referee to release closely-held views, stimulate debate and forge a workable consensus. Before this, though, comes considerable thought and planning – as well as an in-depth knowledge of the management tools and exercises necessary to encourage free-thinking and identify common ground. Confidentiality is key and all we can say here is that SIG has helped several clients to achieve successful outcomes in challenging circumstances.