Impact assessment

Assessment initiatives
Although many organisations perform a vital service to their community, most miss the chance to capitalise on this by failing to recognise, understand and promote its true value.

By analysing your venture’s outputs against strategic plans and objectives, SIG can help to quantify their social impact. This, in turn, creates a fresh view of your activities and can offer clear insights to turn into powerful internal and external marketing messages.

Measuring the social impact of your activities adds substantially to their credence and can often also stimulate further thinking to steer more fruitful strategic decisions in the future.

Helping businesses to be socially responsible
At SIG, we believe social responsibility is central to company strategy – and not just a ‘nice to have’ bolt-on which they can pay lip service to in their annual accounts. For this reason we’ve designed our services to both independently and cost-effectively profile and benchmark what you do, as well as to reveal areas for improvement. From there, we can help you to communicate how your business is proactively engaged in delivering wider benefits so that you can proudly proclaim your positive contribution to the community, not just via your staff, but directly to your customers, investors and general public too.