What we do

The triple bottom line
There’s a lot of talk these days about ‘the triple bottom line’, because, like it or not, most of our endeavours carry environmental and social impacts, not just financial ones.

In fact, we’ve all become so intrinsically linked that, whether as individuals, communities or organisations, what – and how – we mine, grow, process, manufacture, buy, sell, consume, eat, drink, wear or visit usually has a related and not always positive consequence on others, sometimes a long way away. So what was once out of sight can no longer be out of mind and individually and collectively, we all share an urgent need and responsibility to improve our ways. This where Social Impact Group comes in…

Our approach
Our work goes beyond consulting and project management and, often as not, forces the pace. In part that’s because we love what we do and like to think wider than the brief so as to properly anticipate the critical path and sidestep any obstacles. But we’re also keen to create a magical environment where possibilities are given every chance to take a hold.

Basically, we work with organisations that know they have to change, and engage with them in a way that suits their structure, culture, stakeholders and wider community. We liken our approach to the palette of an artist… Full of colour, mess and trials at the outset but very soon a clear order emerges and, ultimately, the result is a pleasure to behold.

Clients commission us for many reasons. Some want a ‘hired gun’ with specific skills, resources, knowledge or expertise – and others to add instant capacity to exploit sudden opportunities or handle unexpected, temporary or urgent pressures. Either way, we like you to be very clear why you require our help because if you’re not, you probably don’t.

Projects are sometimes similar but never the same, so we can’t be prescriptive. However, with good people come good ideas, backed by honest experience, wide knowledge and reassuring pragmatism. We know what does and doesn’t work – and we bring with us the insights, gravitas, confidence, ability and contacts to conquer the steepest learning curves.