Impact marketing

Market research
Any project will go wrong if you allow passion and enthusiasm to cloud good judgment. On the other hand, time and again we’ve shown how a bit of research up-front can prove or disprove a hunch and road-test the strategy before our client is committed to a big bucks expenditure. So whilst we never invest time or money unnecessarily, we see research as providing a valuable hindsight on which to build foresight and, if nothing else, the basis of a well-founded confidence that you will avoid failure, waste and regret.

From qualitative to quantitative and desk research, to competitor analysis and substantial market studies, SIG’s research expertise can save, and perhaps even make you, a fortune.

Brand development
Sad to say, many third sector initiatives remain too unknown amd small to win the market traction, economies of scale and financial sustainability of larger initiatives. They really need a presence and identity that will give them scope to grow – or, put another way, a strong and appealing brand that people notice, engage with, remember and recommend.
Although SIG have only produced a handful of corporate identities in the charities world so far, our team has implemented dozens in the front-line of hard-nosed commercial markets and a quick glance at our portfolio should give you all the reassurance you need.

Marketing and promotion
Good marketing is about identifying, anticipating and satisfying clients’ needs profitably. Or, put more simply, increasing your sales of goods and services to a widening pool of people who come back time and again as loyal and enthusiastic customers. This is, of course, easier said than done because it takes a rare mix of commercial instinct and creative flair to win new business, let alone develop it. Fortunately, SIG have a great portfolio of commercial examples that will demonstrate some very successful campaigns.

Campaigning and lobbying
Campaigning and lobbying is about building a compelling case to unsettle the status quo and make better things happen. It’s the engine we use to take the smallest idea to local, national or international rollout.
Winning hearts and changing minds means thinking big, then perhaps influencing at a local or even one-to-one level. It simply requires us to align your story, resources and timing. So, what do you want to communicate, who you need to reach, and what do you want them to do? Once we can provide clear answers to these questions, we’ll be well on the way to delivering them.