Impact management

Impact Management Plans
Social Impact Management are the outcome of the SI Assessment. They define the actions an organisation must take to ensure the outcomes align with both those planned as well as managing expectations. It also provides a framework to manage social change.

In addition the Management Plans can operate at the intersection of business needs and wider societal concerns. In fact, this aspect is becoming increasingly more essential as private companies grow in size and influence, and public pressure intensifies for organisations to address pressing social and environmental concerns.

Impact Risk Management
An approach is used to analyse the impacts of the proposal on individuals and communities, and to mitigate the adverse effects and enhance the positive effects.

Social Impact Communications Plan
By utilising the SI process as a management communication tool a communications plan can be quickly developed ensuring all stakeholders are informed promptly of issues affecting the project or the organisation.

Ongoing Impact Reports (OASIS).
Many organisational projects are of a long duration OASIS regularly monitors the outcomes and impact of the project against the original objectives.